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Cauri Softech, as a reseller partner with ZOHO, offers quality tech solution to match industry requirements. We have a dedicated team of expert developers and technical support staff that will make you satisfied and assured timely delivery. Below is the list of our offerings to manage your day-to-day organizational operations.



ZOHO CRM is the one of the best and most used CRM software in the world that has all the needed modules & features to manage customer relations and tasks. With the power of modern artificial intelligence, sales tacking, lead management, customer engagement, team collaboration, performance metrics, follow-ups, upcoming tasks and few other features, this is a world popular tool to transform your business. Zoho CRM enables you to reach your customers across all channels such as phone call, email, live chat and social media platforms in order to get you real-time notifications of your communications with your customers. In addition, Zoho CRM always helps to determine the effectiveness of customer communication and suggest you the best time and channels to interact with your customers.



ZOHO offers Email marketing software that helps you in driving your sales. As an absolute email marketing solution than can create, send and track your email campaigns that enables you to create your strong customer database for your result-oriented marketing efforts. From beautiful email templates to an easy-to-use editor, and automation tools to real-time analytics, Zoho Campaigns has it all.
In-built catchy email templates, drag n drop user-friendly editor, tracking tools, and automation tools bring smart email marketing experience. It is that much user-friendly that even a layman can design awesome e-mailers and send to contacts. Third party integration possibility, social media connectivity, integration with other Zoho tools and contact upload features give this an edge over others. So basically we can say Zoho offers you the ultimate experience of “Email marketing on the go”.



Zoho One is all-in-one operating system for your business. Zoho One enables you to grow your business with a single smart and personalized system for your sales, marketing, accounting, HR and customer support departments. So it helps to bring all departments together, digitally and smartly connects them, and boosts overall performance across your various departments of your organization. As an operating system this has every tool to manage your business operations smartly such as: web and mobile applications for sales, marketing, operations, HR, accounting and various departments. Out-of-the-box AI (artificial intelligence) and other smart customization tools help to integrate, extend and create apps for a made-to-measure requirement. We believe in “your success is ours” philosophy and strive hard to bring you a smart and intelligent operating system for your unique business that can help you in running your business smoothly with Zoho one’s smart tools.
Zoho One is designed and developed in such a way that it perfectly matches the requirements of all sorts of businesses so Zoho one is highly demandable for small business, start-up, and medium or big scale industries.



Zoho Recruit is world’s leading and most preferred hiring software & recruiting system for recruiters and hiring agencies. It is an online, cloud-based applicant tracking system that is designed and developed to provide diverse, end-to-end staffing & hiring solutions for job consultancies, staffing agencies, corporate HRs and temporary workforce. Our high-end recruiting software makes entire hiring process effortless.
This is powered with rich features such as: candidate sourcing, resume management, advanced analytics, workflow management, multi-channel communication, easy integrations, Facebook job postings, remote recruitment, and virtual interview etc. Our powerful tools help with instant candidate search and auto-filling and information gathering from their LinkedIn profiles simplifies the job application process. For the HR agencies Zoho recruit brings fast sourcing, background checks, automatic recruitment process, resume templates, candidate pipeline and easy management of candidates. Zoho Recruit gives seamless integration possibilities with several Zoho and many other third-party applications. Hire on-the-go feature powers Zoho recruit with remote interviews so you don’t have to be stucked in a conference room. So we can say, Zoho recruit gives more power to the entire hiring process and makes it faster, simpler and smarter.



Zoho offers world’s best and ultra secured email hosting for your business. You can easily host your corporate emails within few minutes on a highly secured, encrypted, spam and ad-free email solution keeping your privacy in mind. We follow highly strict privacy policy to ensure your privacy. Zoho data centers are brought to you to deliver top-notch security & surveillance, with a reliable uptime up to 99.9%, easy to use experience and, end-to-end encryption. Its Extensive Control Panel is powered with different settings, configuration and customization. Zoho provides you with easy migration in which you easily can switch from other email service providers to the secure Zoho mail hosting service using POP/IMAP migration & other migration tools. Easy integration with Zoho CRM and other third party apps makes Zoho mail an unmatched & world class email hosting service.


ZOHO MarketingHub

Zoho MarketingHub is designed and developed as marketing automation software for your faster and effective business growth. Zoho MarketingHub is fully-loaded marketing automation software that helps you easily manage and handle your marketing pursuits across different channels. This also helps in generating leads, lead conversion and customer retention so overall this is most-loved and admired all-in-one marketing automation tool.
In addition, as a complete lead management tool, Zoho MarketingHub enables you to capture more leads, analyze and pass them on to your sales and marketing staff member and finally convert to success. For the effective and targeted results, MarketingHub is loaded with web behavior marketing, marketing planner with ROI, multichannel marketing (such as SMS, emails, social media), insightful reports, and third party integrations. So all the specialties of MarketingHub let you enjoy the best & unique lead-to-customer journeys.



Zoho People is created to make a smart and happier human resources experience. Zoho people takes care of entire Human resource processes. Be it hiring, customer-onboarding, employee attendance management, time-tracking, and employee appraisals. Zoho people covers it all to make you smile and brings you unmatched hassle free HR solutions.
Zoho People as a 360 degree HR solution promises to deliver HR analytics, employee database management, employee onboarding, attendance tracker, time off management, timesheets, corporate LMS, performance management, HR process automation, time & attendance management and much more, that help to create a happy work environment inside your organization. A highly rich and simple to operate User Interface, and simplified HR modules & features make Zoho people the most-loved HR solution in the industry. Finally Zoho People is a highly smooth and instinctive system to run core HR operations that enables you to maintain everything at one place.



This is online inventory management software for all sorts of businesses. That helps you in increasing your sales and stock management with our robust inventory control and management system. Zoho inventory is GST ready software that can keep records of inventory, increase sale, order management & fulfillment, end-to-end tracking, multiple shipping integrations, accounting & CRM integration ready, inventory control & reports, marketplace integration, warehouse management, order templates and many more to give an awesome experience.
This can automatically sync your data, contacts, orders and enable you to manage the financial data and entire stocks & inventory data as well. So this is an inventory & stocks powerhouse, crafted by Zoho’s best and talented technical workforce to deliver an unmatched and flawless inventory management experience.



Zoho meeting is world’s top-rated and most admired web conferencing software that helps the organizations with their online meeting and webinar needs. This is also one of the most secured online meeting & webinar platform. Zoho meeting is designed and developed as a perfect solution for remote work, screen sharing, web conferencing and especially for work from home concept where you can be connected with your team for quicker reports, follow-ups, project updates and other official tasks. A group of multiple people can be connected through Zoom meeting at a single time and give you a feel of like face-to-face physical presence.
In terms of security measures, Zoho meeting is equipped with highest level of security protocols in order to protect your information and online confidential data through encryption and internationally accepted security and privacy standards as we strictly follow them. In other words this is simply the best available combination of different features such as: secure online meeting, moderator control, record replay and share, screen sharing with audio-video, real-time chat, remote access, downloadable reports, embed meeting links, other Zoho tools and different third party integrations etc.



Zoho SalesIQ is a live chat customer support software as it is crafted for the finest experience of hassle-free live chat & customer support, keeping in mind today’s business growth requirements. As the businesses are going global and World Wide Web helps them to stay connected to their customers and explain them what they are, so having a website is essential need of every sort of business nowadays. Afterwards it comes to be stay connected with your website visitors, Zoho SalesIQ is the tool that you needed in order to fulfill those needs and your business growth. Online live chat, feedbacks, visitor tracking, and smart analytics are brought altogether to make your business grow smartly. Other smart modules make this much needed tools such as: track and engage customers, anytime live support, real-time lead scorer, deal closure, connect with prospects and, actionable analytics etc. So Zoho’s SalesIQ helps you in understanding the pulse of your business and brings more growth.



Zoho Desk is world known customer service software that put customer service as your organizational top priority by helping businesses focus on the customers. Zoho Desk is ticketing software that provides your team with the best tools to assist your customers while using smart features to save your precious time and keep customers timely updated.
Zoho Desk identifies the right trends and designs in your team's efforts, make advancements, and inspire them to do perform better. It also brings together the employees from different departments, in order to give customers an awesome and united customer service experience. Zoho Desk keeps your customers at top priority and whenever they want to reach out, this helps to keep your availability over various channels such as: email, phone- call, social media platforms, live-chat etc. Simply we can say, as a Unified multi-channel communication, Zoho Desk is one of the best customer service & support software.



Zoho Expense is online expenses report and management software, GST & VAT-compliant expense reports, custom-made for all businesses to manage expense report creation, simplified approvals, make rapid reimbursements and automate reports. Zoho expense is powered with different modules to make the expense management an easy task, such as: expenses management, mileage tracking, expense reporting automation, auto- scan expense receipts, corporate card reconciliation, direct feeds, expense report approval & simplified multi-level approvals, expense policies, audit expense reports, expense accounting, QuickBooks integration and other Zoho integrations ready. So from the receipt to reimbursement, Zoho desk simplifies and automates all tasks very smartly to give you ease of mind and the best experience of expense management.



Zoho Invoice is online GST-compliant invoicing software that enables you to create professional invoices, automatically send payment dues reminders, and get fastest payments online. This is the most-loved invoicing and billing software for small and big businesses around the globe. It helps you with efficient invoicing, multi-currency & multilingual tax compliant invoice, send out recurring invoices automatically, get online payments and send reminders, global credit & debit cards friendly, smart invoice, online track expenses, time tracking, easy estimates, client portal, mobile invoicing, invoice templates, convert estimates to invoices in a click, track of unbilled hours and expenses, record and track all expenses, invoice on-the-go etc. So Zoho invoice has everything you need to simplify your business invoicing, online payments and much more.



Zoho Creator is a smart tool that enables you to build custom apps to run your business smoothly. You can either create your own app from scratch or can use one of our extensive collections of application to meet your unique requirements. The future is going to be digital, and all sorts of businesses need to be transformed.
Zoho creator comes with a highly rich and easy to use user interface that empowers your remote teams with apps to help them stay updated, well-organized, and highly productive. Its ‘low-code’ platform with drag n drop editor helps you with easily build forms and dashboards. Moreover you don’t have to stop there, though – if you’ve got technical expertise, you can use a wide range of languages including Zoho’s own Deluge. In other words, Zoho creator is the best available online mobile app maker platform that enables you to quickly build highly secured and user friendly enterprise-grade applications that automate your workflows and digital workplace.



Zoho analytics is smart business intelligence tool, reporting and data analytics software that enables you to visually analyze data, make outstanding data visualizations techniques and discover insights very quickly, while discovering hidden insights from your raw available data and reports, Zoho analytics smartly tracks your vital business metrics, see long-time trends and reports, spots the outliers, and reveals hidden insights.
It receives the data and inputs from different available sources, smartly blends them together in order to create cross-functional reports and dashboards, to analyze the health of your business across various departments. Its user-friendly drag-and-drop designer makes the data analysis process very easy with different visualization tools to smartly visually analyze your data. Zoho analytics is AI powered analytics tool. You can ask our intelligent assistant Zia, and get your replies in the form of reports. This also helps you with auto-generated reports on the basis of your data and predicts upcoming trends based on your past data. You can securely publish or share your data with your team.

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