Hospital Management Software

What is Hospital Management Software and its usages:

Hospital Management Software (HMS) is an online or web-based software system that helps in facilitating and managing the overall operations of any hospital or medical institutions. The hospital management software will help in making the whole process digitize and paperless functioning.

In addition, Hospital Management software helps in digitalizing the operations such as online appointments, billing, scheduling, regulatory compliance, online payment and financial auditing within the hospitals.

A good hospital management software (HMS) enables the hospitals to augment and digitalize all the operations within the hospital, which will enhance customer service experience, diminish operations time and costs, simplify the search for medical records, invoices, patients, doctors, OPD, payments, staff, pharmacy etc. 

Hospital Management System (HMS) is worthwhile for improved operations, digital medical records and reports search, staff communication, facility management, financial aspect and tax planning, marketing strategies, health insurance claims, time-saving operations, patient appointment, better customer experience and human resource management and better connectivity of the hospital with laboratory and pharmacy.

Who Uses This Software:-Medium to Large Scale Hospitals (25-500 Bedded Hospitals)

What are the most crucial and must-have modules & features of a good hospital management system (HMS)?

The modules & features of the hospital management system are:

Different sorts of roles to manage hospital software:
  • Super-admin comes director role.
  • Administration (admin) role.
  • Accounts & HR role.

Main Modules & Features of HMS:

  • Reception management.
  • OPD Billing management.
  • IPD Billing management.
  • Online appointment management.
  • Laboratory management.
  • Radiology dept. management.
  • Multi speciality management.
  • Central Pharmacy Store management.
  • OPD & IPD Medicine Issue Counter.
  • Patient referral management.
  • In-house Laundry & Inventory Management.
  • Ambulance Logbook Management.
  • Patient EMR System management.
  • HR & Payroll management.
  • TPA & Insurance Billing & Policy Management.
  • Third-party integrations: SMS-API, email API; Bar-Code & Camera; Attendance machine; Thumb-Impression; real-time notifications, etc.
  • Layer-wise management Role (Non-admin, Sub-admin, Admin, Super Admin etc.)
  • Patient Waiting Area Management.
  • Multi-System Support with (LAN/Wi-Fi/WAN etc.)
  • Multi-branches operations management with separate & integrated accounts.
  • Auto Email- Function for DSR Report Admin & accounts Dept., Laboratory reports to a patient, Radiology reports, Prescription records, doctors prescription records, patient’s discharge & admit summery, etc.


Benefits of Hospital Management Software:

  • Enhanced visibility & transparency.
  • Systematize accurate reporting.
  • Augmented patients’ services.
  • Improved HR management & quality control.
  • Improved OPD & IPD records.
  • Enhanced management visibility.
  • Unlimited users support.
  • Secure & single database management.
  • Operational cost reduction.
  • Better outpatient services etc.

How to get a better experience with hospital management software.

  • Train the hospital staff.
  • Ensure advanced technology.
  • Ensure advanced security & encryption.
  • Encourage user’s accountability.
  • Develop a managed care system.
  • Develop a communication strategy.
  • Find areas of vulnerability.
  • Update information details.
  • Roles of various departments.
  • Quick customer response system.


Based upon all those above-mentioned information we can simply say that Hospital Management System (HMS) is a unified information system to digitally manage each and every sort of hospital’s operations like finance, medical, administration, legal, revenue cycle management, HR, patients & doctors, etc.

So as a conclusion, every hospital needs smart hospital management software in order to computerize all the available information and details, data, records, history regarding patient and hospital. This also helps with scheduling patient appointments with doctors while making it convenient for both.

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